Purchasing and Procurement

Stryker products are designed to improve patient outcomes, help reduce never events and caregiver injuries, and enhance caregiver practices.

Through an engaged caregiver population, facilities can see huge benefits in relation to patient safety, clinical outcomes, quality of patient care and even profit margins. The equipment your staff are using daily can have a major impact on their engagement, retention rates and overall health. Hospitals around the country have used Stryker hospital beds as a part of initiatives to increase efficiency, reduce caregiver injury, and increase caregiver satisfaction.

From caregiver surveys and equipment evaluations to new equipment implementation and training, Stryker offers additional support with every one of our products at no additional charge. It’s not just about the added value. It’s about providing outstanding customer service to you and your staff.

You’re focused on finding the best value for your budget. Stryker products are not just an investment for your facility, they’re an investment in the well-being of your caregivers and patients. It’s also an investment that can help offer tangible returns in terms of improved patient throughput, enhanced patient outcomes, reduction in never events, higher HCAHPS scores, and increased caregiver safety and satisfaction, all of which strengthen your facility’s financial position.