Clinical Specialist

Your specialty is focused, and our specialty is focused on empowering you to provide better care through product innovation.

We believe that preventing adverse events is a key factor in improving the quality of care for patients while controlling costs for facilities. Our commitment to prevention translates to product innovation. Our Surfaces are designed to help prevent pressure ulcers with things like CoreGel Technology, ShearGel and 3-layer Technology. Technology in our Beds, such as the Chaperone Bed Exit System and iBed Awareness helps actively monitor at-risk fall patients. It’s this combination of technology and product innovation that Stryker is known for that helps you prevent adverse events when combined with clinical best practices and protocols.

All of our products are designed for caregivers, by caregivers. This is important to us because we know that experience matters, and we want your experience with our products to be a positive one. Why? It’s simple – the better experience you have with our products, the better you feel about doing your job which positively influences patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Of Interest to You

Stryker S3

Features a StayPut Frame and intermediate side rails to help prevent patient falls.

Pressure Ulcer Prevention Workshop

The Pressure Ulcer Prevention Workshop has been designed to provide nurses with the most up-to-date, evidence-based guidance for pressure ulcer prevention.

Fall Prevention Workshop

The Fall Prevention Workshop reviews evidence-based guidance on effective fall risk assessment, risk identification and effective team communications.