Product Features


Universal Temperature Management

Simplicity is integral in highly critical, low frequency situations. The simple, versatile design of Altrix™ ensures it can be easily used in all clinical settings, for both traditional and critical applications.


Dependable Precision

Accuracy in therapy management is critical, which is why Altrix measures patient temperatures every 1.3 seconds. This rapid responsiveness uses thousands of power settings to achieve steady state patient control with ± 0.1° C.*


Maximum Efficiency

Fast Therapy Management means Altrix can reach water target temperatures 50% faster, and patient target temperatures 40% faster than Medi-Therm.*


Fast, Easily Prompted Therapy

The user-friendly graphic interface makes it easy to initiate patient therapy with just a few simple taps of the finger. These prompts ensure easy setup, especially during highly critical, low frequency situations.

Patient Graphs

Patient graphs provide information about the patient, target, and water temperature as well as power levels in order to help effectively analyze treatment.

Situational Help

Situational help offers assistance and guidance in the case of an alarm in order to properly educate users as to the cause of the alert and how to correct the situation.

Product Support