Product Features


Helps Prevent Bottoming Out

Isolibrium support surface adjusts to maintain air pod pressure in all positions to help prevent bottoming out (critical immersion).

Touch Screen

Intuitive touch screen interface provides simple, yet functional, features including therapy history tracking and customizable rotation therapy.

HeelGel Technology

Isolibrium support surface’s HeelGel has been designed to buckle when heel pressure is applied and moves that pressure to the calf.*

Exclusive Air Pod Technology

The Isolibrium support surface isolates pressure redistribution through its exclusive air pod technology and enhances the microclimate with its unique LAL system, while providing a clinically relevant pulmonary solution.

Enhanced Microclimate

Isolibrium support surface's unique low-air-loss system enhances the microclimate through its air channeling technology, which allows air to flow from the bottom of the surface directly towards the patients' skin.

*Intelli-Gel® is a registered trademark of EdiZONE LLC of Alpine, UT

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