Fall Prevention Workshop

The Stryker Prevention Philosophy is product + process = prevention. As part of this philosophy, we have created our Fall Prevention Workshop.

Workshop Objective

Connect knowledge of fall prevention best practices and hospital’s fall policy with use of bed technology to maximize fall prevention efforts and enhance outcomes.

Format and Audience


Interactive, live education event

Target Audiences
  • Falls committee
  • Staff nurses
  • Ancillary team members (PCAs, respiratory, physical therapy, transport, etc.)

Workshop Syllabus

1. Fall Prevention Industry Overview and Best Practices
  • Describe the negative impact falls have on patient and economic outcomes
  • Conduct an effective fall risk assessment and identify intrinsic and extrinsic fall risk factors
  • Describe the different types of team communications recommended for communicating fall risk
  • Review evidence-based recommendations and interventions for effective fall prevention
  • List the three characteristics of successful multifaceted fall prevention programs
  • Reiterate the importance of patient and family education for preventing falls in the hospital and at home
2. Hospital Fall Policy Review
  • Refresh staff members’ understanding of hospital’s fall policy, including protocol, risk assessment, interventions and documentation
  • Connect fall policy to what nurses are expected to do in practice every day
3. Fall Prevention Technology Demonstration
  • Review and demonstrate competency of fall prevention best practices with Stryker bed frames, including bed frame/siderail articulation and activation of technology systems
  • Connect knowledge of fall prevention best practices and hospital’s specific fall policy with Stryker products to show how product + process = prevention.