Pressure Ulcer Prevention Program

Our program offers a guarantee of a 50% reduction in equipment rentals.*

Program Overview

The Stryker Pressure Ulcer Prevention Program is designed to assist facilities with evidence-based pressure ulcer prevention efforts. The tools and resources provided in the program focus on pressure ulcer identification, risk and skin assessment, and prevention strategies, as well as how to implement or expand a pressure ulcer prevention program using a multidisciplinary approach. The program includes elements of both staff and patient education, as well as sample assessment, identification and monitoring tools.

Program Advantages

After fully implementing the Stryker Pressure Ulcer Prevention Program, the hospital will have the ability to:
  • Adhere to evidence-based practices in pressure ulcer prevention
  • Augment existing protocols and procedures
  • Maximize compliance with facility policies
  • Calculate a baseline for pressure ulcer prevalence and incidence
  • Develop and implement risk-specific interventions
  • Develop a system to monitor ongoing competency and compliance

Expected Outcomes and Results

Pressure ulcers are a major contributor to increased patient morbidity, mortality, pain, length of stay and costs. Nurses play a major role in prevention, and the following results are achievable through compliance with evidence-based best practices, which include the appropriate use of surface technology:
  • Safety: lower incidence of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers
  • Satisfaction: increase in patients’ perception of care
  • Efficiency: increase in caregiver compliance, satisfaction and engagement
  • Protection: improved financial results related to risk avoidance and non-reimbursable hospital-acquired conditions (HACs)

Program Elements

  • Stryker Pressure Ulcer Prevention Workbook featuring the latest evidence-based information on pressure ulcer prevention, including recommendations for continuous quality improvement implementation and monitoring
  • Staff tools for patient risk assessment and pressure ulcer staging
  • Staff education that includes product and process training
  • Complimentary Pressure Ulcer Prevention CEU Program
  • Patient and family education
  • Pressure Ulcer Prevalence Audit to collect baseline data on PU prevalence and hospital-acquired rates; also includes comprehensive summary for data reporting
  • Equipment rental reduction guarantee*

A More Comprehensive Approach

The complex issue of patient safety has always been an important focus of hospitals, but national healthcare reform has brought a significant amount of change. With change come opportunities to look closely at existing policies and standards of care, update patient safety measures to adhere with evidence-based best practices, and utilize technology to help caregivers in their efforts to keep patients safe and comply with facility policies. To help support and drive continuous quality improvement efforts, Stryker offers evidence-based tools to aid in preventing “Never Events” such as hospital-acquired pressure ulcers.

*Facility must meet eligibility requirements for participation in the Guarantee Program